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Purchase a nice starter kit of unfinished wood bangles and wood rings to start a new project. The kit includes 12 wood bangles and 4 rings. The kit is 10% off the normal retail price. Click HERE to purchase. Thanks!


Slender Bangles

These unfinished wood bangles are stackable and ready for decoration. They can be stained, painted, glittered, paper and fabric wrapped. Limitless possibilities.

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Chunky Bangles

Unfinished wood bangles are the perfect canvas for paint, stain, dye, burn, paper, and fabric wrapping.

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Decoupaging or paper wrapping a unfinished wooden bangle is simple and easy. All you need are unfinished wood bangles, decorative paper, modge podge, sealant and paint brushes…

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Artist Spotlight

Carrie D’ Augustine creates hand-painted wood bangles and accessories. She often designs with mixed media materials, chain, gemstones and uses her own art and photography.

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Dyed Bangles

Dyed bangles make for the perfect gift or craft project. All you will need are unfinished wood bangles, RIT Dye, tupper ware container, water, towel and some free time!

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